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new art work! [comming soon!]

2009-12-31 12:43:14 by orion89

happy new year, and to all of newgrounds and,!
I was so busy on my art work that it might take me about, 2 or 3 days? [ I think so...]

I was gone for a long time?

2009-12-30 23:27:49 by orion89

well, I'm bored. I have nothing to do and, I need to make a new flash soon!

about the new movie.......

2009-06-01 19:01:37 by orion89

i'm sorry i was not on my account for so long. but i may have the new movie coming soon but sorry about this long time waiting for so long but sorry guys. i'll try soon or later.


about the new movie.......

new flash cooming soon!!

2008-09-17 00:38:37 by orion89

so i was so sleepy i can't get my new flash so it will be cooming soon.....

new flash cooming soon!!

wii wii wii all the way home!

2008-08-07 03:24:25 by orion89

hey guys i like my wii!!!

wii wii wii all the way home!

well the movie is cool like black mages 4 to but it's black mages #6 in jan/3/17 see it soon